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plastic bottles


 PET Solutions. Your vision is our mission.

Winpack Plastics is the PET manufacturing division of Winpack International,

the leading global provider of innovative consumer product and packaging solutions. Everything we do is driven by our passion and determination to partner for excellence, deliver the highest quality products and expand our capabilities. Our customers,

partners and team members know us based on trust, quality, collaboration,

innovation, and strategic growth. Together, we turn your vision into

a successful product launch that you can be proud of.



Winpack International is our parent company, established over 20 years ago as an importer of packaging materials to primarily service the cosmetic and personal care industry.

Today, we offer manufacturing of custom molded bottles, closures, paper packaging, molded pulp, plastic pouches, glass and wood. We also offer custom design manufacturing equipment for assembly, filling, injection molding, stretch blow molding and extrusion

blow molding. We have long working relationships with various manufacturer overseas

and currently supply a broad customer industry base.



Most of our clients are private label retailers across the United States, Europe, Mexico

and Asia. We serve various industries from personal care, home fragrance, health, to food and beverage. If you are new to PET manufacturing and wish to launch your new brand,

we are here to guide you through the process to ensure your product launch meets your parameters and timeline. We also work with domestic wholesalers and distributors who need to expedite custom PET packaging production to serve their domestic customers.

We are here to collaborate with you. Call us to schedule a meeting with our team.
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