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We are the PET manufacturing division of Winpack International, the leading global provider of innovative consumer product and packaging solutions. We have over

20 years of combined experience in the packaging industry, and our products have

been featured in various retail stores across United States, Europe and Asia.

Winpack Plastics has one of the most effective and flexible approaches to manufacturing custom PET containers, with speed to market and competitive pricing advantages. We have developed a two-stage PET blow molding technology, using existing PET preforms in variety of neck sizes, that we can turn into various bottle and jar shapes to meet your product needs. We believe time is money. Our customers find huge value through Winpack Plastics’ ability to manufacture domestically and eliminate inbound freight associated with delivered finished goods, and to produce custom design bottles within weeks. We strive for personalized customer service where you can always reach us for new product consultation and launches. Contact us to discover how fast we can get your product to market.

Your vision is our mission.



Our Executive Team
Chris Hu, President

Rick Chen, VP of Sales

How can we help you?

We are here to collaborate with you. Call us to schedule a meeting with our team.

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